Welcome to the The Fat Sheep Wiki!
Welcome to The Fat Sheep Wiki Community! We are a very fun and friendly Wiki, and a safe haven for all nerds, geeks, gamers, readers, artists, philosophers – you name it. Oh and – Sheep. Sheep of all types: fat sheep, thin sheep, vegan sheep, carnivores, alpha sheep, black sheep, Shawn the sheep and way more. Really.

You are probably thinking right now, This is so weird, and believe me when I say, It is. But the universe somehow brought us together. And when this Wiki was created, the world tipped over and turned upside down and stayed there. In fact, it’s doing somersaults and backflips right now, because another kindred soul – you—has just joined the community.

This Wiki originated from an inside joke to this universe where anything can happen. Wolves may be squabbling with sheep one day and eating them raw, but may be having a philosophical talk about life with the very sheep they swore to destroy in a spa the next. Believe me, you’re going to find out the full extent of this craziness sooner or later!

We’re a tight-knit (excuse the sheep wool pun), close and friendly community who are ready to be your friend (not dinner) at a moment’s notice. Contact our admins and founders for any questions, ideas, and suggestions: @naughtynellie123, @OwlWolf22091, and @notalert | Discord tags: (nadiaputri#7432), (OwlWolf22091 | FatSheep2209#8956), and (notalert#9730).

We're a collaborative community website that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on YOU to get involved and add content. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! Feel free to edit or add any new pages. Make sure all content you post is sheep-appropriate (no wolf photos please). You should join our Discord server in order to understand everything that's going on (since this wiki originated from inside jokes from there):

Thanks for joining us sheep! We look forward to becoming your good sheep neighbors! Enjoy your time here and have fun. :)

*bows and ends with a signature sheepish grin*

-The Fat Sheep Club  

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